Optimising Apache

In order to get the best out of Apache HTTP Server, there are several things that you can do to improve the performance of your sailing environment. However, optimization may not be necessary if your site only processes a few hundred or even a few thousand requests a day. In that case, it’s likely that the default configurations are sufficient.

Here are a few Apache optimizations that you can, and probably should, do:

  • Disable or remove unused modules. Apache comes with many, many modules. Be sure to carefully review the ones that are enabled to ensure you are only activating and using the ones that you need. By not loading unneeded modules, you will save memory on your server.
  • Use caching. In order to reduce the overhead on your server and minimize the processor requests, activate and use caching technology within Apache. Use disk caching (mod_disk_cache) over memory caching (mod_mem_cache), especially if you are limited in the amount of RAM available to your server. And, if possible, externalize your disk cache to a different (hopefully fast) external drive. And if you use caching, be sure to set up the appropriate expire times; otherwise, you defeat the purpose of caching. However, if you have frequently used data and sessions, memcaching is optimal and can reduce the load on database queries.
  • Use compression. Wherever possible, try to compress the content prior to sending it out. Using gzip, for example, will reduce the size of the files being transmitted. These files can then be uncompressed, within the browser, when they are received by the end user. Look at mod_gzip or mod_deflate for these options.
  • Turn off host name lookups. In previous versions of Apache, hostname lookups defaulted to “on,” which added latency to requests. That’s because every time a host name was encountered, a DNS lookup was required. Although this setting in Apache 1.3 and later defaults to “off,” be sure to check.
  • Upgrade RAM and storage. While this is not specifically an Apache modification, this optimization is something that will improve the performance of any server. Giving more RAM to Apache means that the number of simultaneous requests can be increased and run faster. Upgrading the hard drive to one that supports faster I/O can also help, especially for database requests and disk cache-based transactions.

Kill a Process in Unix

A computer process is a computer program that is executing and has a unique process identification or PID. On the Unix Operating System (OS), a process may be running in the background, foreground, or be in a suspended state. On Unix, the OS shell will not return the prompt to the end-user until the current process that is executing finishes. As a result, many processes that take a significant amount of time to run and keep you from using the Unix console until it finishes running. A common task that arises for Unix users is to kill or background a process in order to conduct other tasks on the computer. In order to about or kill a process a signal has to be sent via keystroke or the Unix kill command.

Steps to Kill a Unix Process with a Single Keystroke

Step 1 – Enter the following command to get specific information on the running process on your computer:

% ps

Step 2 – Depress the “RUB” or “DEL” key if your computer keyboard does not have the “RUB” key and the “_” key at the same time. This will send the interrupt signal to the executing process.

Step 3 – When using the keystroke method to kill a Unix process, you will want to remove the “core” file saved to the computer’s hard drive as a result of using the command. To do so, enter the following command to remove the file:

rm -f core

Steps to Kill a Unix Process with the “Kill Command”
Step 1 – Enter the “ps” command as outlined above to retrieve the PID for the process that you need to kill on Unix. For example,

ps myProcess

will return something similar to:


1234 dz07 0:45 edit myBook

1235 dz07 0:37 -csh

Step 2- Enter the following command to kill the first process listed in the example in step 1:

kill -1 1234

to kill the second process that is active enter:

kill -1 1235

Step 3 – If the Kill -1 switch does not work, you may need to use the -9 argument to clear the process from your computer:

kill -9 1234
kill -9 1235

Step 4 – You can alternatively kill all instances of a given process by using the killall command. The syntax for this command is:

killall <pname>

Using the Unix Find Command

The Unix find command, as the name implies, is a command that you can enter into the command line, or terminal, of a Unix operating system, allowing you to process any given set of files or directories. It is a highly useful command that you can take advantage of on Unix based operating system, making it a valuable tool in a lot of situations.

Using the find command on Unix allows for a multitude of possibilities. The Unix find command can take advantage of many parameters to help you make your search as wide or as narrow as possible. Some examples of the parameters that you can specify are: where to search, the file’s type that you are looking for, what you want to do with the file once it has been found, the actual name of the file, and any logical operators (such as “and” and “or”) that may help expedite your search process.

The commands for each of the above parameters are as follows: pathname is used to define the folders you wish to search in, -type is used to define the file type, -exec is used to show what to do with a file, -name is the name of the file, -a is logical operator “and”, and -o denotes logical operator “or”.

Using the find command is as simple as typing the word “find” into your terminal, followed by whatever parameters you choose. Below is a sample search using the Unix find command when looking for a particular name of a file.

find . -name “filename.mp3″ -print

This command will find the file you are looking for, filename in this case, and print its location on your screen.

A more advanced use of the Unix find command will be much longer and more complex in its code. Below is an example of a much more advanced search.

find /music/oursongs -not ( -name “yoursong.mp3″ -o -name “mysong.mp3″ ) ‘{}’ ; -print

This command will allow you to find a file in the music/oursongs directory that does not include the filenames yoursong.mp3 or mysong.mp3. It will then display all of the found files and their locations on the screen.

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